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It is a must to ensure health and safety within your company or organization. If you fail to ensure proper health and safety, there is a high possibility for you to run into numerous negative consequences. We never want that to happen to your business. That’s why we offer comprehensive health and safety services. All you have to do is to seek the assistance of a health and safety consultant from us and ensure your health and safety.

Is it a must to get the service of an occupational health and safety consultant?

Health and safety has become a highly discussed topic in today’s world. In fact, it has become essential for the companies to follow health and safety practices and implement the best ones out of them. This can also provide a great assistance to the company with achieving its goals in the long run. On the other hand, all the people who work for the company will be provided with the peace of mind to focus on their day to day responsibilities.

When you provide a training to the employees about safety, you will be able to showcase the commitment that you have towards safety in an effective manner. The well-trained employees will go ahead and embrace a safety culture readily. That’s because they have a clear understanding about the effect and hazard that they can have on maintaining the workplace safety. You will be able to go ahead and review the key messages from the training sessions, which can reinforce learning. However, you will not be able to provide this training to the employees on your own. This is where you should think about seeking the assistance of a health and safety consultant near me.

Our health and safety consultancy services

As the leading health and safety consultant Ireland, we deliver a variety of health and safety consultant services. All you have to do is to take a look at the services we offer and obtain them. Here are the most prominent services available to you. These services will also help you to get a better picture on why we stand out from the other health and safety consultant companies existing out there.

Indoor air quality

We can measure your indoor air quality and let you know whether it is safe enough for the employees and clients to breathe. In here, we will pay special attention towards moisture and mold. In addition to that, we can deliver odor investigations and noise assessments as well.

Safety management

We are experts in discovering potential hazards that exist within your company. If there are any hazards, we will let you know about them and help you to eliminate them. Along with that, we will ensure industrial hygiene as well. We can also provide assistance to you with adhering to the OSHA compliance audits at all times.

Lead and asbestos

Our well-rounded experts can provide professional assistance to you with managing the hazards associated with lead and asbestos at the workplace. We have the technical knowledge and expertise needed to support you. We are also accredited and licensed to provide the support you want with lead and asbestos management at your property.


We have a cohesive ergonomics program. We can implement it within your organization or business, which will assist you to promote proper ergonomics among all employees. We will even be able to deliver in person support.

Health and safety training

The leaders play a major role behind implanting safety at the workplace. That’s where the leaders should take appropriate steps to lead by example. The leaders will be able to follow the safety policies and encourage all the employees to go ahead and do the same. If the management is committed towards the safety, the employees will follow it as well. You need to keep in mind that employee buy-in would play a major role behind creating a positive safety culture.

In case of the employees don’t see the procedures and policies being followed by the leaders, they will not make the extra effort needed to buy-in. Therefore, leaders should make sure that they don’t ignore this fact. In addition to that, the leaders should also understand that safety is something more than talking the walk. In fact, it is about walking the walk. The health and safety consultant you hire from us will be able to assist you with that.

Implementation of an appropriate reporting process

You should encourage the employees to follow the safety procedures at the workplace. That’s where you can come up with a reporting process. The employees can then be asked to report safety concerns or hazards that they will come across in day to day life. The employees who do this can be rewarded. Therefore, you will be tempting the employees who work for your company to report the safety issues. The employees should feel comfortable about reporting as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that the reporting process is a convenient and a hassle free one.

In addition, it is important to convince the employees that the reporting process is in a position to contribute towards a better working space in the long run. If you can do that, the employees will go ahead and start reporting without any hassle. You will just need to experience the benefits that come along with it in the long run.

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As you can see, providing health and safety is not something difficult as you expect it to be. You just need to make some simple changes within the organization. Then you can create a safe working space for everyone. If you need expert assistance with it, all you have to do is to contact us. We will be able to deliver expert support you need at all times to ensure that your organization has a safe environment for everyone.

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