I’m Matthew

business consultant and qa expert

My Services

Management Consulting

Helping organizations to improve their performance and increase

Operations Consulting

developing and implementing target operating/ delivery models and
executing cost reduction programmes

Quality Consulting

helping small, medium and start up businesses implement a robust
quality management system or to become accredited by the international organization for

Health and Safety

promote positive health and safety culture in the workplace, meet safety

Environmental Consulting

Addressing environmental issues such as water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination.

Business Audit

Complete audit of your business operations to identify cost-savings, streamline process and increase profitability

Business Management and Consulting Blog

Learn about business management, operations, supply chain, business strategy, quality, health and safety and strategies to grow your business

5 Tested Strategies to Grow a Consulting Business

5 Tested Strategies to Grow a Consulting Business

Five Strategies to grow a Consulting Business Everyone wants to see their Business grow, which is why Business Consultants exist in the first place. When growing a consultancy business there is really just one area to focus upon. You need to focus on growing your...

About Me

I am adept in coordinating and motivating large multidisciplinary teams and ensuring the operation of multiple production facilities. I possess strong communication skills, including high-level emotional intelligence, and am well practiced in collaborating effectively with people in all areas of business, including the chairing of boards and committees, extensive lobbying and continuous liaison with regulatory authorities.

I am also a proficient technical writer and have employed my skillset to help contribute towards health and safety regulation, most notably the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FAMI-QS), which received industrial and EU Commission recognition. As well as this high-level commitment to quality and safety, I am dedicated to sustainable practices, having founded the Alltech sustainability team and joining UN Global Compact, which works towards 9 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
It is my absolute passion to make meaningful contributions to Life Sciences and it is my expertise in QA, compliance, project management and business strategy that allows me to do this. Progressing from a scientific academic background, to a laboratory technician, then a CMC Lead and now a director, I am familiar with all aspects of QA in the product approval life cycle and am an expert in ensuring country specific regulation and certification.


Cinnomon Cottage, Rahina, Clarina Village, Co. Limerick, V94 W25D, Ireland


+353 85 287 0270

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